r/sketchdaily: May 2nd - Freedraw - Runners

Today’s alternative theme was “Runners”, kind of reminded me of the amazing Bladerunner for wathever reason. I was a little bit inspired so I decided I’d draw Bladerunner’s Harrison Ford, I used this reference. I wasn’t sure how I should approach portrait drawing/painting in digital media so I just went in like i would have done it in paper, didnt like the result as much as my first tablet sketches, I started with a traditional drawing (That i painted on the second image ) and turned it into a zombie-esque Harrison Ford as I was listening to Saint Saen’s danse macabre , I hope he’ll never have to see this tho lol. I guess I need some more practice on portrait drawing, and a little more experimentation with photoshop drawing and painting brushes before I can achieve anything better.

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